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Welcome from the Chair




Welcome to the Brunel Multi Academy Trust family.  We are a group of provisions that specialise entirely in working with children and young people who have significant special education needs.  We believe in being small and specialist, not only to provide the best we can for pupils, but also so that we can work with schools in the mainstream to enhance this provision they offer for those with special needs in their schools.  That focus also enables us to form that ‘’family’’ culture encompassing both young people and their parents, families and carers.

The last eighteen months have been extraordinarily taxing for everyone, especially for everyone in a caring role: which includes not only all our staff but also all parents and carers.  I can but salute each and everyone for the manner that we have come through to date.  However, a word of caution – COVID 19 is still with us.  It will continue to impact on all of us.  The big difference, however, is that thanks to the world of science, we have the means of holding it at bay.

With my very best wishes to all involved with this Brunel family.

William Wyldbore-Smith
Chair of Brunel SEN MAT

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