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Success Stories - Children and Young People

Uplands School - Success Story

Gracy has achieved so much since joining Uplands School and she should be rightfully proud of her achievements. Gracy's success can be attributed to her own hard work and determination, as well as the loving support of her parents.

Gracy's progress has been achieved through the collaborative work of the Uplands School staff who over her years at Uplands, have worked consistently to meet Gracy's needs. This includes giving her the time that she requires, the opportunity to try new things, building her confidence, listening to her thoughts and feelings and always encouraging her that she can do it.

The table below shows the incredible progress that Gracy has made since joining Uplands and we know she will continue to build on her skills.

On joining Uplands School Current ability at Uplands School
Out of breath very quickly when doing any activity Can now take part in all activities and keep up with her classmates during a mile long walk
Could sometimes catch a ball Top shooter at Basketball club
Only able to read a few words Can independently read basic texts
Speaks a few words in English

Talks fluently and clearly with a wide vocabulary

Shy around people Sung a solo in front of the  whole school during assembly
Lacks motivation to talk Loves to talk to staff and can start a conversation
Needed help to dress Independent with dressing, looking after her belongings and school equipment

Horizons College - Success Story


Tyler is a young man who joined Horizons College 3 years ago. He is currently in his final year. Tyler’s future aspirations have always been around working within media and journalism.

Through the Horizons College Supported Internship Programme, Tyler successfully managed to access work experience placements based around his areas of interest such as at Swindon 105.5FM Radio station. Through the College curriculum, which is functional skills and employability based, Tyler learned a range of skills that he was able to apply at his work placements which he really enjoyed and was tasked with research and writing articles based on musicians and artists.

Tyler independently recognised that in order to gain even more skills associated with his area of employment interest, he needed to access work in a different type of media environment. Tyler then accessed another work placement at Swindon Link Magazine where he learnt to proofread, edit and upload articles to their software platform. These new skills helped to develop Tyler’s ICT skills, reading skills and communication skills. Tyler went out in the field and interviewed the owners of the new Burger Bar, 5 Guys, at the Swindon Outlet Village for the Swindon Link Magazine.

One of Tyler’s biggest achievements to date was being interviewed by the editor of the Disability Rights UK Magazine for a co-producer work placement job. Tyler was successful at interview and is now writing his own column for the Disability Rights Magazine as well as being responsible for researching ‘what’s on and dates for the diary’.

The current Covid situation has not stopped Tyler from accessing his work placements. He has had to learn to adapt to different ways of working and is now accessing all three work placements virtually. He has progressed so much so, that he is independent and is able to liaise with his employers through Microsoft teams, email and telephone to discuss his work tasks and deadlines.

Tyler also produces and edits the College newsletter each term.

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