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BSM Code of Conduct 

The Brunel SEN Multi Academy Trust (BSM) expects every employee to behave in a highly professional manner. That is why you need to read and understand the Code of Conduct as it outlines the standards we expect from you while you are at work. It also provides examples of the right and the wrong behaviour should you be unsure how to act in a particular situation.

Once you have read the Code of Conduct you need to confirm that you have done so by completing the details on page 20.

If there are parts of the Code that you do not understand, ask your line manager to explain it or   contact Human Resources on or call 01793 286634.

The Code of Conduct should be read in conjunction with the following polices which are available on the BSM website policy page

BSM Acceptable Behaviour Policy

BSM Grievance Policy

BSM Wellbeing & Attendance Policy

BSM Disciplinary Policy

BSM Continuing Professional Development Policy

BSM Alcohol and Substance Misuse Policy

BSM Health and Safety Policy

BSM Gifts and Hospitality

BSM Data Protection Policy

BSM Whistleblowing Policy

BSM Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

BSM Allegations of Abuse against Staff

BSM Finance Policies

BSM Conflict of Interest Policy

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