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Admissions Statement

Brunel SEN Multi Academy Trust (BSM) is committed to providing outstanding educational opportunities for all our children and young people (CYP).

BSM is a ‘family’ of boutique education provisions: Brimble Hill School, The Chalet School, Churchward School, Uplands School, Horizons College, BASIS and All Aboard Nursery work for the benefit of all our CYP. The BSM family operates across Swindon and surrounding areas and engages with quality improvement work regionally.

We believe that together we can offer the very best for our SEND CYP and the local communities we serve.

BSM places the development and achievement of our CYP at the heart of our vision and strategic direction. We are totally inclusive and never exclude. We have high expectations for all our CYP and work towards everyone realising their potential.

Improving opportunities and outcomes for our CYP in our local communities is at the core of all that we do. All young people deserve to leave education confident that they have developed the skills and the strategies to be work ready, job ready and ready for adult life.

BSM is committed to equality of opportunity and to promoting diversity. We have a ‘can do’ approach to meeting the needs of all CYP.

Expertise across BSM is widely distributed and this enables us to be highly proactive when considering admissions for a wide range of SEND children and young people.

BSM Education Provisions
Our expertise covers a broad range of needs and abilities including CYP with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). BSM benefits from the sharing of best practice across our different settings and places great emphasis on its working partnerships within local communities, including employers and the local Authority.

This means that we are able to be responsive to the needs of CYP in both mainstream and SEND education provisions.

Brimble Hill Primary Special School: 2 –11 years
Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD)/Profound Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD)/Complex Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC)

The Chalet Primary Special School: 2 –11 years
ASC & complex Learning Disability (LD) Churchward School: Special Secondary Free School, 11 – 19 years Designation ASC and/or Social, Communication & Interaction Difficulties (SCID)

Uplands Secondary Special School: 11 – 19 years

Horizons College: 16 - 25 years
Special Post 16 Institute (SPI) College

Admissions Process
Any placement within a BSM provision will be as a result of careful consideration of that young person’s needs, how effectively those needs can be met in that provision and whether they can be met without detriment to other CYP already at the provision.

It is essential that each of our special education provisions carefully manages its pupil and student intake to ensure that they are placed within a context that will most effectively support them to reach their full potential.

Decisions regarding the placement of CYP involved a number of stakeholders, such as the view of the child or young person, parent/carer preference and the views of experts within our education provision.

BSM provisions require applicants to have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

Assessments are thorough and it is often our practice that the child or young person will be observed as part of the overall assessment process.

Once placement has been agreed, clear and planned transition arrangements are put in place to manage the move. These will be tailored for individual CYP.

Our Post-16 places at Horizons College are subject to availability of funding and funding eligibility criteria as laid out in the Education & Skills Funding Agency’s funding regulations.

No Placement Offer
If a decision is taken not to offer a place, clear reasons will be given for that recommendation.  The reasons will be expressed in terms of the needs of the CYP, whether a place is available at the provision within the appropriate context and/or the efficient education of other CYP already in situ, so that it is clear why the recommendation is made that they do not meet the published admissions criteria.

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